Global warming is the most popular noun in the 21st century. You might contact that over one time in your daily life. Every morning, when you read the newspaper, there are more than one article that related to global warming. Then, the weather outside is also affected by global warming like unusual temperature. Do you know what causes global warming? Carbon dioxide is the most important reason. Appropriate percentages of carbon dioxide could absorb heat to keep earth warming. Because of that, the earth is suitable for human life. But over carbon dioxide would absorb more heat. Then, the temperature would increase. Carbon dioxide is created by some ways. Either human and animals breathing or the gas of car is the source of carbon dioxide. However, plants could absorb carbon dioxide by some chemistry. Due to economic activities, many forests disappear.
Although the word “warming” means that temperature is increasing. However, the increasing temperature is not the only phenomenon caused by global warming. The strange weather is also one of phenomena. As though snowing in summer and typhoons happen at some places where may have never happened before are reported recently. The most serious problem is that the ice in pole is disappearing. That might cause some problem. The sea level would rise. Some countries under sea level would disappear time pass time. Some species would become extinct. The habitats of polar bears would also disappear. The pole bears aren’t good at swimming. If the ice is disappearing to increase the distances between the two ices, they couldn’t go to the other ice to find enough food. They would die out. Some diseases like malaria spread further north because the malarial mosquito could live at more north places due to higher temperature. And the temperature is increasing; we use air-conditioners more time than before. However, air-conditioner would exhaust heat that could cause higher temperature. Then, we use more time. That would become the circle. The global warming would become worst.
We should take care of this serious problem. We could change a little lifestyle to reduce global warming. Taking public transportation replaces driving car to work. You could use stairs if you only go to lea than three floors. Removing the plugs that aren’t used not only saves money but also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide. Alternative energy has been discovered recently like solar, nuclear energy. Then, we must slow down the decreasing rate of forest. The global warming is a huge problem. This needs everyone to solve. It is related to the earth’s future. We need to think about it.


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